Preparing your InDesign files for ePub export

A few years ago, I did a presentation on “Preparing your InDesign files for ePub export”.

At the time, CS4 was the most recent incarnation of InDesign. As we all know by now, the ePub export functionality in that version was pretty flawed, but significantly better than it was in CS3.

There was not very much improvement with the release of InDesign CS5, but version CS5.5 brought the whole thing to a new level.

The ePub-specific enhancements with the release of CS5.5 include:

  • The new Articles Panel
  • Style Export Tagging
  • Much improved ePub Export Dialog
  • etc.

With that said, I have gone ahead and updated my presentation to include these very helpful additions to Adobe InDesign CS5.5.

Click here to download the PDF. I also included an updated list of References and Resources at the end.

I hope you find this information helpful.





  1. Hello Ron,

    I have been a traditional book designer for many years and have to admit I am struggling with ePub, this information will be a great help.

    Please can you help me with one thing, the best way to do lists on a KIndle? my turnovers don’t align and go off on a drunken stumble across the page. I am not one for the coding malarcky and am trying to use CS4 Indesign style sheet indents. You couldn’t do an idiots guide to lists could you, please, please. It is driving me insane.

    Best regards


    1. Hi Kevin,
      I think I understand what you mean.
      But if you could send me some example files (InDesign and ePub), I am happy to take a look and then write something up.
      Sounds like a good idea for my next post.

      1. hi Ron,

        That is really very kind of you to offer to help me with this problem. I’ll get a page of examples ready.

        Sorry but I cant seem to find an email address to send the files to.

        all the best


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